Thursday, 28 July 2011

15 Years since NASA claimed martian life in ALH84001

What an unscientific way of dismissing evidence they find uncomfortable!
Of course such a claim was “controversial”!  Extraordinary claims require an extraordinary level of proof.  The claim stimulated a lot of further research and host of arguments and counter-hypotheses.  What the pundits now should consider is the outcome.

The authors responded with an extended review in2009:  David S. McKay, Kathie L. Thomas-Keprta, Simon J. Clemett, Everett K. Gibson, Jr.  Life on Mars: New Evidence from Martian Meteorites. [Proceedings of SPIE 7441, 744102 (2009)].

High time our lazy pundits recognised the scientific process and gave due recognition to this work – and to astrobiology as serious science.
[First posted on Crisisinphysics, 3 July 2011] 

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