Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Prof. Levin comments on Martian Water and Marc Kaufman

Gil Levin writes: the Washington Post ran a major story on water on Mars by science writer of Marc Kaufman (6 August 2011) which was widely sindicated through the USA. This new article ignores past history of evidence for water, particularly Viking's findings, my publications and implications for the Labelled Release experiment that found evidence for life. Yet Kaufman's book, "First Contact" published in March, included a quite favorable review of my work.

Levin's updated summary includes
  • rising soil temperature at Viking 2 under as Sun reaches zenith, paused at 273K
  • surface water vapour pressure measured at Viking sites exceeded the triple point
  • snow/frost landscape seen in Viking images
  • experiments at UC Berkeley in simulated martian conditions
  • Mars rover tracks and mud puddles (from bouncing airbag)
  • droplets on legs of Phoenix lander; two droplets seen to merge as on smooth metal
** (Ed.) In 2001, NASA covered Levin's arguments for liquid water on Mars “in limited amounts and for limited times” against the scientific consensus that liquid water cannot exist on the surface. What they called 'scientific consensus' has evidently changed, but no recognition is given to those who challenged the older consensus. They reported Chris McKay as stressing: "a biology explanation [for the Viking test results] is inconsistent, ecologically, with what we know about Mars' surface environment". 10 years on, we know of micro-organism ecologies that do live in periodically warmed antarctic environments. So another of the 'consensus' arguments against Gil Levin is defunct.

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